Celebrate U.S. National Waffle Day With 14 Delicious Waffle Recipes

National Waffle Day Recipes

Today is National Waffle Day! Observed in the United States on August 24, National Waffle Day celebrates the anniversary of the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron. In 1869, Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York received a patent for a device to bake waffles. But don’t get confused! The U.S. National Waffle Day is not the same as International Waffle Day.

International Waffle Day is celebrated on March 25.

In Sweden, Vårfrudagen (Our Lady’s Day) is celebrated on March 25, nine months before Christmas, on the Christian holiday of Annunciation. Vårfrudagen sounds a lot like Våffeldagen, and due to the confusion between the two words, the day also became known as Waffle Day.

Over time, Waffle Day also became a celebration of the beginning of spring, when Swedish women would move from winter tasks to spring tasks, which included the preparing of waffles. Waffle Day is now celebrated around the World by eating waffles.

We’ll have all new waffle recipes to wow you with in March, and until then, you can enjoy these 12 mouthwatering waffle recipes, perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

Breakfast Waffle Recipes

Egg And Vegetable Waffles With Avocado

Turkey, Egg, And Vegetable Waffles With Avocado And Salsa

Eggs and diced vegetables cook to perfection in your waffle iron, and when topped with avocado and salsa, they are are irresistible. The eggs have structure and a light and fluffy texture, the spicy turkey adds a rich flavor, and the veggies cook just enough to retain some crunch.

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Cinnamon Roll Waffles Recipe

Decadent Cinnamon Roll Waffles

When cinnamon rolls are baked in the waffle iron, you get a slightly crunchy outside, a warm center, and cinnamon covered waffle wells just waiting to be filled with frosting. Pile up your Cinnamon Roll Waffles, pour icing all over the waffles, filling every waffle well, and devour them — we won’t judge.

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Hashbrown Waffles with vegetable eggs and buffalo sauce

Waffled Hash Browns With Vegetable Eggs And Buffalo Sauce

Love hash browns but hate that they take so darn long to cook? Problem Solved! Cook your hash browns in the waffle iron. They cook much faster in the waffle iron than over the stove, and the texture is perfect — crunchy on the outsides (top and bottom) and soft on the inside. Then add buffalo sauce to give your hash browns, eggs, and veggies a serious kick.

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Savory Waffle Recipes For Lunch Or Dinner

Chicken And Biscuit Waffles With Rosemary Gravy Recipe

Biscuit Waffles With Chicken And Homemade Rosemary Gravy

If you’re a fan of chicken and waffles, these flaky, buttery biscuit waffles (made from Pillsbury Grands Buscuits) will take your next meal to a whole new level! Add chicken and homemade gravy and you’re entering a state of savory, southern bliss.

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Recipe for Ground Turkey and Cheese Stuffed Taco Waffles

Taco Waffles Stuffed With Ground Turkey And Cheese

My favorite savory waffle recipe to date hands down, is my Taco Waffles Stuffed With Ground Turkey And Cheese recipe. HOLY MOLY. Talk about mouth watering. Stuffing ground turkey taco meat and cheese inside a waffle made of crescent roll dough creates the perfect storm of scrumptiousness inside your mouth.

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Easy Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Waffles Recipe

Easy Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Waffles

Imagine chopped pepperoni, gooey cheese, and pizza sauce stuffed inside a waffle made from actual pizza dough… wait, don’t imagine it, just look at this yumminess! It’s cheesy and totally amazing — and it’s still hand-held!

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Cornbread Waffles With Chili Recipe

Cornbread Waffles Topped With Chili

Chili and cornbread waffles are a match made in heaven. The chili perfectly settles into all of the little waffle wells. And with extra veggies in the chili, this dinner is extra delicious!

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How to Make Pizza Waffles

Waffled Pizza Sandwiches (From Leftovers)

Yep. You read that right! Put leftover pizza in your waffle iron to make pizza waffles. These waffled pizza sandwiches are fast and easy and taste just like eating a hot, fresh panini. The only difference is that it is pizza flavored, and made from leftovers, and cooked in a waffle iron.

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Dessert Waffle Recipes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles With Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles

With a crunchy outside and soft, chewy inside, Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles are the best of waffles and cookies all in one delicious dessert! Plus, with no oven necessary, it’s perfect for a hot summer day when you’re craving cookies and don’t want to turn on the hot oven.

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Nutella Stuffed Waffle Dessert Recipe

Nutella Stuffed Dessert Waffles

Nutella Stuffed Dessert Waffles are tasty, simply decadent, and super rich. Nutella and chopped hazelnuts stuffed inside a waffle made with buttery crescent roll dough makes a mouthwatering dessert you’ll want to have over and over.

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Chocolate Brownie Waffle With Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

Chocolate Brownie Waffles

No more waiting 30-40 minutes for a pan of rich, fudgy brownies to bake. These amazingly delicious, chocolate brownie waffles were done in 3-5 minutes depending on how hot you have your waffle iron.

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Funfetti Cake Waffle Dessert

Funfetti Cake Mix Waffles

Skip the dirty cake pans, long wait, and hot oven and bake your next cake in your waffle iron. Funfetti cake waffles, even while warm, are firm enough to be eaten by hand, but soft enough to retain that moist, cakey texture. Pile a few cake waffles on a plate, top it with whipped cream, and add more sprinkles. Yum!

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Stuffed Reeces Peanut Butter Cup Waffles Recipe

Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Waffles

Peanut butter and chocolate stuffed inside buttery, flaky crescent roll dough, and topped with ice cream — Mmmm Yum! We topped these sweet, stuffed waffles with vanilla ice cream, Reece’s Shell Topping, and chopped Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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Krispie Creme Waffles

Krispy Kreme Waffles

Can you really put Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in the waffle iron to make doughnut waffles? We tried it and are sharing what worked and what didn’t work — and what we’d do differently next time.

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