Rethink Leftover Pizza And Make Pizza Waffles

How to Make Pizza Waffles

Look. I’ve never been a big fan of eating leftovers. Reheating yesterday’s food just never was that appealing to me. That’s why now we have lots of build-your-own dinners that keep the ingredients separate, so leftovers can be used to create new things.

But that isn’t always an option — like when we have pizza. When we need to feed a group or want a quick dinner and don’t want to cook or go out, pizza is always a top choice. And if we’re going to order pizza, we’re usually also going to be sure we order enough to have it for two meals.

Reheating pizza in the oven is okay. It’s definitely better than reheating pizza in the microwave. But there is one way to enjoy your leftover pizza slices in a whole new amazing way.

Pizza Waffles

Yep. You read that right! You can put leftover pizza in your waffle iron to make pizza waffles — and it is fast and super easy too! These babies are similar to a panini. The only difference is that it is cooked in the waffle iron.

Seriously. Just how good does this look?!

Delicious pizza waffles make leftovers fun

Before you go make your own pizza waffles, you need to know that there is a trick…

If you put a pizza slice into your waffle iron all by its lonesome, it would get cheese everywhere! Instead, you need to sandwich two slices of pizza together, trapping the cheese and toppings inside the pizza sandwich.

Now you’d think this is all you need to do, but there is one more step. You need to cut off the crust. Trust me, two pieces of crust smashed together in the waffle iron just makes hard, crunchy bread, and that is definitely not what you want.

How to cook leftover pizza in the waffle iron

Once you have made your pizza sandwiches and cut off the pizza crust, they are ready to go in your waffle iron. Just remember to spray both side of your waffle iron generously with olive oil or cooking spray so your pizza waffles don’t stick to the waffle iron.

Cook leftover pizza in the waffle iron for pizza waffles

The length of time your pizza waffles need to cook in the waffle iron completely depends on the thickness of your pizza crust and the amount of toppings.

For our pizza waffle experiment, we used leftover pizza from Domino’s Pizza. We tried it with a cheese pizza, a combination pizza, and a pepperoni pizza, and all were fabulous. The cheese got nice and melty and gooey, the toppings got piping hot, and the crust stayed firm and crunchy.


Leftover Pizza Waffles

Don't stick your leftover pizza in the oven like everyone else! Instead sandwich the slices together and make pizza waffles in almost no time at all.

How to Make Pizza Waffles

Prep Time

Cook Time

Total Time


  • Leftover pizza from your favorite pizza place


  1. Sandwich two slices of leftover pizza together with the toppings facing the middle.
  2. Cut off the pizza crust.
  3. Smash your pizza sandwich in the waffle iron on high heat. Check periodically, cooking until the crust browns and the toppings are hot and melty.


Cook time in your waffle iron will vary based on the thickness of the pizza crust and the amount of cheese and toppings on the pizza.

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