About Inspired Imperfection

Two things happen when you post photos of delicious food and amazing family adventures. The first is that people presume your life is perfect and easy. The second is that they want to know how to get the life you’re leading.

Here’s the truth: My life has just as many ups and downs as anyone else’s life, and I got here the old fashioned way — I worked hard for it.

What I hope is that this site will inspire you.

The recipes and photos demonstrate a consistent approach to experimentation that is the hallmark of my personal and professional life. The vacation posts and photos will open up all sorts of examples of the family fun I hope you’ll experience as well. But maybe it’s the other articles — the candid stories and the work-life balance posts — that will impact you or challenge you most.

I love my family, work, what I do, and the constant challenges in front of me. I share the trade-offs, challenges, decisions, and so much more of my journey to help guide you, as only a blog or journal can, to connect the dots between cause and effect. After all, those desserts and vacations are the results of a life of focus, decisions, and hard work.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey to live inspired and embrace imperfection.

About Jennifer Bourn

Jennifer Bourn

Hi there! I’m Jennifer Bourn, and I am so happy you’re here!

Here’s my short pro bio…

Jennifer Bourn is an award-winning designer and founder/partner at Bourn Creative, a full service design agency, specializing in premium web design, brand design, messaging, graphic design, and content strategy services, with WordPress as her platform of choice. Her writing and business expertise is featured on numerous blogs, websites, and podcasts, as well as featured in several freelance and small business programs.

Deep in the design and branding trenches since 1998, Jennifer leads workshops and speaks regularly at both virtual and live events across the country. She co-organizes the Sacramento WordPress Meetup, headed up WordCamp Sacramento 2016, and is lead organizer for WordCamp Sacramento 2017.

Jennifer is mom to a 13 year old and 11 year old, and her agency is 12 — which means she built and grew her business and brand with two littles underfoot and no daycare. It wasn’t always pretty, and some days it was downright ugly, but it worked. Eventually she hired her husband to be her boss (go figure) and do everything she doesn’t like doing. She is learning to cook, swoons at the sight of colorful office supplies, and has never met a whiteboard she didn’t like. When not working, she takes family adventures, dates her husband, goes to concerts, blogs here at Inspired Imperfection, plays board games, colors, builds Legos, and makes waffles — a whole lot of waffles.

You can pick Jennifer’s brain on Clarity about branding and brand strategy, website strategy and web design, freelancing, client services, graphic design, and even work/life balance.