Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad (Whole30)

Strawberry And Pecan Chicken Salad Recipe

In the warm summer months, when it’s hot outside, the last thing I want to do is cook dinner and deal with a hot stove top or oven. We end up eating a lot of salads in the spring and summer and one of my favorite ways to throw a quick salad together that’s full of flavor is to combine fresh fruit and grilled chicken.

I’m also a big fan of adding hard boiled eggs to salads for added texture and almost always cook up about a dozen or so eggs when we do our meal prep. Plus, making hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot is super fast.

  • Simply add a cup of water, set the eggs on the steamer tray, seal it up, and cook on “Manual” for five minutes.
  • Then let the eggs sit for five minutes, vent, and immediately submerge in an ice bath.

Making this Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad is fast and easy — especially if you grill a big batch of chicken during your meal prep too and already have it on hand.

Start with your favorite salad mix as the base and add the strawberries, eggs, chicken, and pecans. Top with your favorite salad dressing and enjoy! I top my salad with Tessemae’s Everything Bagel Ranch.

Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad

I’m all about fast weeknight meals, so I like to meal prep. This means making a batch of hard boiled eggs, putting together a big fruit salad, and grilling a batch chicken for the week. Because I already did the work, all I had to do to make this salad was chop the chicken and the eggs! Plus, I made this Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad with an off-the-shelf salad mix!

Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad

Fresh strawberries and savory grilled chicken pair perfectly in this simple summer salad.

Strawberry And Pecan Chicken Salad Recipe


  • Salad Mix
  • 2 grilled chicken breasts
  • A big handful of chopped pecans
  • 4 hard boiled eggs
  • 12 strawberries
  • Tessemae's Everything Bagel Ranch


  1. Chop the grilled chicken breasts, eggs, and pecans. Quarter the strawberries.
  2. Split the salad mix across two bowls.
  3. Add the chicken, egg, strawberries, and pecans and top with Tessemae's Everything Bagel Ranch or your favorite salad dressing.


Makes two big salads. Try swapping the salad mix for baby spinach and using a balsamic vinaigrette — it's a delicious variation!

I love the Tessemae's Everything Bagel Ranch but you can could swap in any light salad dressing.

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