Mighty Kong Bran Muffins (OMG, YUM)

Delicious Bran Muffins By Mighty Kong Muffins

Recently a friend of mine (who works in public relations) reached out asking me to check out some amazing bran muffins from one of her local Sacramento clients. Amazing, delicious brand muffins. Initially, I thought, “Bran muffins? Ick.” I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. I’ve never really been a fan of bran muffins and I’ll pick a chocolate, poppy seed, or fruit muffin over a bran muffin any day of the week.

Now she was pretty convincing. She knows that we’re pretty heath conscious over here — we read labels, stick to a mostly paleo diet, do a Whole30 every few months, and try Whole30 recipes, and figured these muffins might be right up our alley.

Now, I’m always up for trying something new and I love to support local small businesses and my friends, so of course I said yes. I got a coupon code for a free Willie’s Choice Sample Pack of six bran muffins and placed my order online.

The branded box was delivered pretty quickly and when I opened it up, six individually packaged bran muffins were inside and they had creative flavors like:

  • Ape Dates — A date walnut bran muffin
  • Persnickety — A persimmon walnut raisin bran muffin
  • Rumplepumpskin — A pumpkin cranberry walnut bran muffin

The box says to freeze the muffins on receipt, but I’ve never been good at following directions. I put the muffins in my fridge because I wanted to try them a little later in the day.

I first unwrapped a Rumplepumpskin bran muffin, cold, right out of the refrigerator. It was the exact consistency every perfect muffin should be. Natalie broke it in half and we each tried it. And then we promptly unwrapped the other Rumplepumpskin muffin and devoured it too. And then we felt bad because Brian would love these and we didn’t even ask if he wanted any. Brian and I both tried the Persnickety bran muffin and it was just as good. There was so much flavor.

Every bran muffin I have tried in the past were bland and dry, but these bran muffins were moist, dense, and packed with flavor, and the texture is really great too. I loved the little chunks of nuts and fruits in the muffins.

After that I claimed the remaining three muffins and didn’t want to share.

I think it’s safe to say I’m a bran muffin believer now. I really liked the muffins cold and all but one right out of the fridge. The instructions tell you to freeze the muffins, then warm them up before eating, so I felt like I needed to try that for at least one of the muffins. OMG, it was absolutely delicious warm and because the Mighty Kong Muffins are fresh and not made with flour, I didn’t have to feel guilty about eating them!

About Mighty Kong Muffins

Mighty Kong Muffins are gourmet bran muffins handcrafted in small batches at the Mighty Kong Bakery located right here in Sacramento, California off Stockton Boulevard.

The Mighty Kong Bakery bakes for the health-conscious consumer. There are NO preservatives, artificial ingredients, or any complicated things you can’t pronounce in Mighty Kong Muffins. They use only the highest quality wheat and oat brans, no flour, fresh fruits and nuts, and a high-grade dark chocolate. The bran muffins are low carbohydrate, low or no fat (no trans fats), a good source of protein and a great source of healthy fiber.

What I love is that Mighty Kong Muffins started out as a quick breakfast fix for a small group of hungry football fans. The very first muffins were a mashup of different recipes from mom. Now it’s a local business providing a healthy breakfast and snack alternative.

Try Mighty Kong Muffins Free

I LOVE these bran muffins. I never in a million years thought I would say that, but I do. At only $9.00 per box, I am making a few boxes of Mighty Kong Muffins part of our road trip staples. As good as that one muffin was warm, I REALLY liked them cold and these delicious, healthy brand muffins would be the perfect addition to our road trip breakfasts because we can eat them right out of the ice chest, pop one in an adventure pack, or eat them while on the go.

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