Home Movie Screen DIY With Fort Building Kits

DIY Fort Building Kit Movie Screen

There is something special about building a fort. About creating something from your imagination with just the blankets you can drag into the room and the furniture that you’re able to move around. Whether it’s simply stretching a blanket across two chairs to create a small, safe, hidden place, or you’re moving couches and chairs and table to create a huge beast of a fort for multiple kids to play in, fort building is creative, fun, and personal.

Somehow, when you climb into a fort the rest of the world just fades away and all that is important is what is happening in the fort and what you can imagine.

I loved building fort with my sisters and friends as a kid. I loved building them with the girls I was a nanny for when I graduated from high school. I loved building forts with my kids when they were little and climbing inside with a flashlight to read stories or play games.

As my kids got older though, they got bigger. When they got bigger, traditional fort building method weren’t working as well because they were taller and they needed more room — and frankly, my husband just got tired of the furniture always out of place.

Luckily, I found the perfect solution…

The Discovery Kids Fort Building Kit

The minute I saw the 77 Piece Discovery Kids Fort Building Kit with pieces that reminded me of the Tinker Toys I used to build with as a kid, I knew I was going to buy it. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably already realized how impulsive I am — but this time I held back and saved it to give to my son for Christmas.

The fort building kit was such a magnificent success, that we got him two more for his birthday the following April, we got my daughter one for her birthday, and one more just because. Now we have TONS of pieces and the kids can build one massive fort or multiple separate forts connected by tunnels. They can also now build forts independently of the furniture, which also means they can do it outside, in the garage, or even on vacation. Yep. Once we even took the kits to a vacation house we stayed at because it had a huge empty loft for the kids!

The kids love building with them so much that we have asked to give the kits as birthday presents too!

But I digress.

The Discovery Kids Fort Building Kit is good for so much more than just building forts:

  • You can use it to build custom photo backdrops.
  • You can use it to build build small walls — perfect for hanging a blue blanket over for a birthday party fishing game.
  • You can use it to build a giant wall and turn it into a movie screen.

Big Movie Screen DIY With Fort Building Kits

Before we bought the giant sectional couch we have now, we had smaller couches that were easy to move around. So we often moved one away from the wall to use the empty wall as a giant movie screen. Easy and fast DIY movie screen ready to go at any time… But now we can’t do that and we really miss our “big movies.”

Fort building kits to the home movie rescue!

One day while relaxing on the couch, we started talking about buying a freestanding movie screen, one that we could setup between the family room and the kitchen. But would it really work? Would we like it? Were the couches too close or too far? Where would the projector go? We had lots of questions so we decided to use the fort building kits to create a test movie screen to see just how big we could go and how we could set everything up.

It worked like charm. In fact, setting it up was so easy that we’re sticking with the fort building kits for our DIY giant home move screen. We watched all of the Bourne movies over one weekend on this big screen to prep for seeing Jason Bourne in the theater!

We just may add one more sheet to get it a little wider so the widescreen movies can be even bigger!

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