Brightech Lamps, A Smart Lighting And Charging Solution

Brightech Lamps

You know what I love about our family adventures and road trips? I mean, besides the amazing experiences shared, unforgettable memories made, incredible sights seen, and delicious food eaten…

It’s the hotels. Well, more specifically, it’s the breakfasts and the lamps.

I know it sounds silly, but when I walk into our hotel room and the bedside lamps have plugs or USB ports in them, I always feel such relief. Being able to conveniently charge our phones at night and keep them close for our morning alarms is important to us and those lamps make it so easy.

But then I get home and remember that I don’t have one of those lamps in my room. Instead, I’ve got my iPhone charger plugged into the wall and the the cord always falling on the ground between the bed and the nightstand when I’m not using it.

But not anymore. Brightech has lamps with USB ports and plugs and they’re super affordable.

The folks at Brightech reached out at just the right time, right after our last road trip, to see if I wanted to review their lamps and of course I said yes! So I browsed their website, specifically looking for “smart” lamps that would be perfect for a bedside table.

I found a few that fit the bill:

  • Madison: A simple, clean lamp and table all in one with two USB ports and a plug — which would be perfect if we didn’t already have bedside tables.
  • Maxwell: A modern Asian style lamp that is wall switch and smart outlet compatible with Alexa, Echo, Dot, Google Home, and it has a USB port.
  • Mode: A minimalist, block-style table lamp with a USB port.
  • Grace: A simple, contemporary, modern table lamp with a linen shade and a USB port.

I chose the Grace USB lamp in black and they shipped it out to me fairly quickly. It was packed well, arrived in mint condition, and looked exactly like the photo on the website.

Grace USB Brightech Lamp

I love this Smart Lamp!

I has been so much more convenient having a table lamp with a USB port built into it on my bedside table… plus, it’s looks great too! I now just plug my phone into the lamp — no more awkwardly bending over and practically falling out of my bed to reach the plug behind my nightstand!

I don’t know why I didn’t get one of these sooner!

Now I just need to buy a few more Brightech lamps because Brian needs one and it would be great to have a smart lamp like this in our guest room too! And maybe, if they ever release larger lamps with plugs, I’ll snag a couple of those too. The Grace USB lamp is just to small for our enormous living room!

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