The Grandfather Tree In Piercy, California

World Famous Grandfather Tree In Piercy, California

Normally when road tripping, we stop several times to check out roadside attractions on our way to the major destinations and almost never stop on the way home. When it’s time to head home, Brian likes to get there fast. But this road trip was a little bit different…

We originally planned to be gone for nine days and eight nights, but we ended up seeing all 100 things to do on my list by the end of the eighth day, so we ended up driving home that night! The last stretch of our drive at the southern end of the Humboldt County Redwoods and the world famous Avenue of the Giants, brought us to several awesome roadside attractions, including the Grandfather Tree, One Log House, Confusion Hill, the World Famous Treehouse, and the Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree.

The Grandfather Tree and One Log House are right next door to each other, so we stopped there first.

According to the sign, the World Famous Grandfather Tree in Piercy, California is 1800 years old, 265 feet tall, and 24 feet in diameter.

The Grandfather Tree is indeed giant and of course we snapped a couple photos, but honestly, after eight straight days of coastal redwood trees, we were over the trees and more interested in the car smashed by a tree trunk in the parking lot and other little carved redwood bear statues, a bark teepee, and giant stump chairs for the three bears.

Before heading over to check out the One Log House, we did poke around the Gift Shop, which was packed with souvenirs, redwood gifts, toys, and apparel, but no one even said hello and greeted us, and meeting the people at these small roadside oddities is half the fun!

Know Before You Go

  • The Grandfather Tree is located at 779 US Highway 101, Piercy, California 95587 in Humboldt County. It is ten miles south of Garberville next to Richardson Grove State Park and 17 miles south of the southern entrance to Avenue of the Giants.
  • The Grandfather Tree and One Log House are right next door to each other. Both roadside attractions have their own parking areas and stores, but you can park at one and walk to the other.
  • There is no admission fee to visit or take photos at the Grandfather Tree.
  • There is no restroom available here, but next door at One Log House there is a restroom in the Espresso and Gift Shop.

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